Friday, January 3, 2020

You can still smoke cigs outdoors in public

Weed is now recreational in IL. This does not mean weed smokers can lightup and get high outside. They can only smoke in private areas. Like homes.

Meanwhile, people can still smoke cigs outside in public.  Although there are certain outdoor areas where smoking is banned. Ballparks and beaches are obvious ones although I hear people still smoke at Chicago beaches. 

I'm still alive and still smoking

I haven't posted in here in more than 12  months.  Time flies!

Unfortunately modern teens are more interested in smoking weed or vaping.  Both of those ain't the same as smoking cigs to me.

As for me, I'm still enjoying cigs. There are lots of smoking models on Instagram. While YouTube is cracking down on cig videos, the good news is people are still posting smoking videos on their channels.

My own selfie smoking videos are still up on my YT channel as well.  I got my female smoking playlists private on there.  So no moron thinks about reporting my playlists.

If you hate seeing girls and women smoke cigs, don't visit the YT channels with those videos.  Even subscribing to those same channels is dumb.