Monday, November 5, 2018

Vaping off of an e-cig is NOT smoking. Why treat vapers like smokers?

Even though I don't vape, I still think it's unfair vapers gotta take it outside just like traditional cig smokers.

E-cigs were originally meant to be a quit smoking tool.  But now Big Tobacco is getting into the e-cig business.  Since people can't smoke in public places in modern times, BT is looking for "alternative ways" for people to get their nic while in places.

BT would have never thought of even making SNUS (smokeless tobacco pouches) products in the 80s since smoking in places were perfectly normal back then.  Same is true for e-cigs.  E-cigs would've been a joke even in the 90s.  Since restaurants still had smoking/nonsmoking sections in the rap era.  Of course, airplane smoking was totally banned on all flights by '94.

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