Monday, February 1, 2016

New Link added

I added an archived link to Karen's smoking page.  She was a heavy smoker of Marlboro Red 100s.  But she actually smoked BH Golds as well.  Whenever she wanted a menthol, she would grab a pack of Newports or Salem.

She also enjoyed talling to men with the smoking fetish.  She actually called herself a smoking fetisher when I talked to her before.   I certainly agree with her calling cigs her babies.  If I was able to get back in touch with her today, I can thank her for inspiring me to give BHs a try since she loved those all-whites herself.   BH menthols make a good Newport 100 alternative (especially based on how RJR changed the Newport taste).  And BH Golds taste mo like a full-flavored version of a ML 100 to me.

A BH Gold is actually a lil "fatter" than a ML 100 as well.

Five ads dealing with women's cigs

Since I didnt post any ads last week, I'm making up for it by posting 5 mo ads for this week.  I just posted a More ad (which is also on the top of my More board).

So here are 5 mo ads with the women's cigs theme.  Camel No 9s actually came out in 2006.

While antis like to call a brand like VS women's cigs, it aint really a surprise to hear of men smoking 120s of any kind.  I actually tried VS menthol 120s, Max Menthols, and Saratoga Golds during my lifetime as a smoker.  Max was the best tasting 120 to me. 

I actually tried some Indian-made 120s during the days when we could buy cigs online.  AND those were the days when anyone could buy the cheaper Indian cigs online.....the brands which tasted just as good as premium brands. 

Sunday, January 31, 2016

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