Monday, February 1, 2016

New Link added

I added an archived link to Karen's smoking page.  She was a heavy smoker of Marlboro Red 100s.  But she actually smoked BH Golds as well.  Whenever she wanted a menthol, she would grab a pack of Newports or Salem.

She also enjoyed talling to men with the smoking fetish.  She actually called herself a smoking fetisher when I talked to her before.   I certainly agree with her calling cigs her babies.  If I was able to get back in touch with her today, I can thank her for inspiring me to give BHs a try since she loved those all-whites herself.   BH menthols make a good Newport 100 alternative (especially based on how RJR changed the Newport taste).  And BH Golds taste mo like a full-flavored version of a ML 100 to me.

A BH Gold is actually a lil "fatter" than a ML 100 as well.

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