Friday, January 29, 2016

My first impression on the NEW Newport 100s

I notice the Newport pack finally changed with RJR's address (on the side of the pack).   RJR also added the "Underage sale prohibited" words on the side but near the top in the white area of the pack.

My first impression of smoking RJR's version of Newport 100s is the cig has a lil mo menthol taste than Lorillard's Newport 100s.  The Lorillard version of a lit Newport 100 would smell a lil bit like weed.  (The shorter Newports never smelled like a combo of a menthol cig and weed to me...those always smell like an all menthol cig while lit.)   The RJR Newport 100s dont have a weed smell when lit..this aint a big deal to me.

The only big deal to me is getting used to smoking a Newport with mo menthol flavor but a lot less strength than a Lorillard Newport 100.  At least RJR didnt make these as airy as a light cig.  I'd say a RJR Newport 100 is now just about as strong as a BH FF Menthol.

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