Friday, January 1, 2016

Hawaii is the first state to make the age 21 for buying cigs

Hawaii is the first state to raise the legal age for buyin cigs and other tohacco products to 21.  If someone told me the Aloha State would be the first to make it 21 for buying cigs, I wouldve laughed.  I thought Utah would be the first to raise it to 21.  Since their legal age for buying cigs is 19 according to my understanding.

I wouldnt be surprised if my home state of Illinois raises the legal tobacco age to 21.  Maybe not in the new year.  But I can see the legal age going up in 2017 here.   I'm well over 21 years old.  So Illinois could raise the age to 25 for all I care.  I dont buy my cigs in the Chicago area anyway.  I aint paying $13 for a pack of Newport Longs OR Newport Shorts.

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