Tuesday, October 6, 2015

More ad

This one is going on my More forum for the next 2 weeks.  Posting it on here is the only way to make the ads on my More board smaller.

Three 70s Winston ads targeting the Black community

The idea of Blacks smoking Winstons in the modern era would be weird to see.  I believe the 70s was one decade when mo Blacks smoked non-menthols than the Salems/Kools/Newports and other menthols.  I wouldnt say the majority of Black smokers preferred non-menthols in the 70s.  But there was likely a higher  rate of Black smokers with non-menthols back then (compared to the very low rate of Black smokers with non-menthols in the modern era).

One of these Winston ads actually features the old Menthol Winstons.  I believe Menthol Winstons were discontinued before the 80s started.  Since I never saw a pack of em before as a boy.