Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A Kool ad I still remember well

I may have posted this Kool ad from '85 before.  I aint sure.  But this '85 Kool ad is a definite one I saw a lot in Jet mags from the '85 year itself.  Motorcycles and a brand like Kool go hand in hand.  Although I'd rather have a biker girl with Kools (or Newports) instead of a Harley Man.

Just like it was common to see Newport ads than Kool ads in the 2000s since Newport is the #1 menthol now, it was a lot more common to see Kool ads in the 80s.  The last decade with Kool as the most popular menthol brand.  Followed by Salem and then Newport.  Newports actually became more popular with teen smokers when the 90s started.

Kool throwback ad

Anyone who lived in the late 80s and 90s already heard of Joe Camel in cig ads.

But during the era before 1950, there was a different cartoon character in cig ads, and he's the Kool Penguin.

I barely remember seeing a Kool tv commercial with the penguin in it.  If cig commercials still came on tv today, I'm sure we would see the Surgeon General's warning somewhere on the screen and throughout the whole commercial.

Take note how this Kool (30s?) ad makes smoking menthols sound like good medicine for your cold or sore throat.  I actually heard from non-menthol smokers on the net before who actually smoked menthols (not necessarily Kools) when they had a cold or the flu.

Kools were not just the only menthol brand in the first half of the 20th century.  They were also the only nonfiltered brand from that era with a cork tip...I'm assuming to make it easier for kids and teens to see which end of the cig goes into their mouth.  I cant imagine a modern underage smoker picking up a nonfiltered cig.  Unless he/she is used to smoking weed.

I actually cant even see an adult smoker under 50 smoking a NF as well.  Maybe an elderly smoker who started smoking in the era when NF brands were a lot more common to see.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015