Friday, August 14, 2015

Benson & Hedges 70's ad

The "America's favorite cig break" BH campaign from the 70s was actually funny.  BH are actually the first-ever 100s to come out (which was actually in the 60s.....since the 60s had BH commercials on TV as well).

I'm sure BHs were a lot mo stronger in the 70s than in the late 90s-mid 2000s when I used to smoke BH menthols from time to time.  I've smoked the BH Golds before as well.

Both flavors had a better taste to me before '06.  Even BH Menthols had a better menthol taste back then.  They were like an all-white Newport to me taste-wise when I first smoked em.

BH Menthols are all right now.  But I wouldnt call em an alternative to Newports.  But if I want an all-white baby in my mouth, BHs would be my first choice in that regard.  Yeah, they're mo expensive than Newports AND Marlboros.  But with their smooth taste, BHs are the best all-white cigs out there (BHs are corked cigs in the UK I believe).

I'd rather smoke a BH Gold to be honest for a regular compared to Marlboros in modern times.  BH Golds taste mo like a stronger version of a Marlboro Light.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A Marlboro Medium ad

This ad is from 1991, when the Marlboro Mediums were first introduced.

I never saw anyone smoking Marlboro Mediums in public before.  I did see at least two men from my college days with Marlboro Medium packs.  And since I never tried these Marlboros at any point of my life, I cant comment on how they actually taste to me.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Have a More. The only colored cig brand in the USA

Unfortunately, I hear Mores are hard to find in modern times.  My mother tried More Reds once but not the menthol ones.  I dont even think she ever tried More Lights.

More was common to see among middle-aged women (at least from my experience) in the 80s.  Not as common as the Marlboro/Kool ladies from that era of course....