Friday, July 31, 2015

Barclay cigs lady ad

Barclay is a discontinued brand which was introduced by Brown & Williamson (the original makers of Kools) in 1966.  B&W marketed the brand as a low tar/low nic cig. 

But in reality, when a smoker covers up the filter vent holes, he/she is inhaling a lot more tar and nic than 1 mg tar/0.1 mg nic as stated from the FTC.  

These stats started appearing in '71 cig ads and I believe the FDA forced BT to stop using this misleading info in 2010.  Since the FTC measured tar and nic in cigs with machines that "smoked" the cigs.  A human smokes (and even holds) a cig a lot differently than a darn machine.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Twist it baby! Lemon-flavored menthol cigarettes!

I remember asking my mom as a teen if she ever heard of a brand in the 70s called Twist.  She said she never heard of Twist when I brought em up.  I first heard of Twist when I saw an ad for em in a '73 or '74 Ebony mag.

Obviously, Twist had to be discontinued before '80.  A smoker on the net mentioned not too many people were buying the lemon-flavored menthols.  I guess even in an era when something like 60% of the USA adults smoked cigs, not too many smokers were interested in smoking lemon-flavored cigs.

Since flavored cigs are banned by the FDA in modern times (except menthols), I dont think you'll have to worry about seeing Twist packs making a comeback behind store counters anytime soon.

Speaking of flavored cigs, I remember seeing packs of cherry-flavored Kools in 2004.  As well as coffee-flavored Camels.  The FDA didnt have control over cigs before '09.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

I gotta post this More ad... a way of seeing if posting a smaller version of this ad will work on my More board.

Satin cigarettes

Satin.  This is a brand which existed in the 80s.  I believe Lorillard is the tobacco company who made em.  I think Satin actually first hit the market in the 70s.

I first heard of Satins off of the smoking message boards/forums.  But I dont remember seeing the Satin pack or Satin ads in my boy days.  I dont even remember seeing this brand in cig vending machines! 

(Yes, I lived during a time when kids and teens could buy packs from cig vending machines, and IDs werent required for those pack purchases.)

Satin is obviously one of many cig brands which no longer exist today.