Friday, July 17, 2015

A Marlboro 50s ad when PM changed the ad theme

This is one of the 50's Marlboro ads.  One of the original Marlboro ads with a man.  When PM got rid of the lady/"Mild as May" theme and started marketing Marlboro as a men's brand instead.

This "Marlboro Man" has a Joe Torre-like face.  lol

Obviously, when PM changed the theme, they changed the Marlboro pack itself to the one we all used to seeing in the modern era.

When you look at ads like these from the 40s/50s, you would think cigs would be just about as normal for your health as seeing a kid with a candy bar.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Bonus ad: This throwback Marlboro ad wouldve been just about as offensive.... seeing Joe Camel to antismokers. If  PM used babies in their Marlboro ads in the 90s.

I could see several antismokers going "OMG" when seeing a baby in a cig ad.   Babies in cig ads, cartoon characters smoking cigs in tv commercials AND paper ads (this era had the cartoon penguin in Kool paper ads, while my era had Joe of course).  Even cigs walking around like normal people!

This was all normal to see when BT marketed cigs before 1970.  I do believe having babies in cig ads (as well as the lie of cigs being a good medicine alternative) eventually got banned before the 60s for sure.  I never saw a baby in even a 60s cig ad.

"Mild as May"

Here's a Marlboro ad from the nonfilter days with the actual "throwback" Marlboro pack included.

At least PM found some beautiful lady models to use for their Marlboro ads in the very ol days.  Ladies using cig holders was a lot mo common in that era as well.

Monday, July 13, 2015

This week is Marlboro Throwback Week (EDITED)

Here's one Marlboro ad before the Marlboro Man days.

I remember hearing about how the end of non-filtered Marlboros used to be red to match the red lipstick on ladies' mouths.  I wish I heard of a filtered brand that had red filters.

I'm guessing this is a Marlboro ad from the 40s.  When ALL cig brands were nonfilters.  Filtered brands became mo common in the late 50s.

Notice how the original Marlboro pack looks much different than the Marlboro pack we're all used to seeing in the 21st century?  I'm guessing the lady in the ad is a redhead herself.


I'm sorry, I was thinking of a different Marlboro ad from the 40s I was looking at.  Don't worry.  I will actually post an ad later on, with the actual Marlboro pack from the NF era (NF = Nonfilter) .

The cig itself obviously looks different than the Marlboro cig in the modern era.