Friday, June 12, 2015

Salem Slim Lights ad

This is a much better-looking Salem ad!  The Black lady is not only smiling.  But she's holding the cig in a classy and glamorous way.  And you can see the lit cig up close.  It would look even better with a Salem lady in person.  Since you would see the glowing "cherry end" up close as well.

The "cherry end" is the lit end of a cig of course.  And when a lady is holding a lit cig in the dark, you can see the end glow in orange style actually.  And when she takes a drag in the dark, the cherry end gets brighter for a few seconds.

She is one beautiful lady with a beautiful cig indeed!

BT's way of making smoking more attractive to women during the 70s-90s is by making cigs which are slimmer than a king size/100 cig (or slimmer than a "man's cig," the term one Virginia Slims ad used). 

If a cig is 120mm in length, its a good bet it's a slim cig.  If 120s were just about as "fat" as a  100 cig, then the 120s wouldnt be CLASS A CIGS then (since the 120s would have more tobacco in em than a 100 in that case).

As a metter of fact, some people (even nonsmokers) called slim cigs "women's cigs."  But I wouldnt be surprised if a few men smoked Salem Slim Lights in the good ol' days (as well as other 120 brands.  Including the brown Mores).

In the case of the Salem Slim Lights in this ad, this  brand is no longer in existence in modern times.    There were even more slim brands 3-4 decades ago in comparison to now.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A TWO-page Merit Cigarettes Ad from '94

When BT got banned from having commercials on tv and the radio (which went into effect on Jan 2, '71), they didnt like the ban at first.  But they realized they can spend more money on cig ads in magazines and outdoor billboards.

2-page cig ads were more common for me to see in the 80s/early 90s.  Most of the 2-page ads I saw dealt with Marlboro, Salem, Newport, and Camel.  Maybe Kool had some 2-page ads too.

But here's a 2-page ad from a PM-based brand I remember hearing of and seeing in the past.  Merit.  Another one of those low tar/low nic brands.  PM even had an "Ultima" verion of Merit  Which was likely introduced to compete with Carlton and Now.  Two brands (at the time) which were both just as low in tar/nic as the Merit Ultimas.

73 hits in one day - a new record for my blog

June 9th (Tuesday) turned out to be the best day ever for my blog.  My blog received 73 hits in one day.  The only 50+ hit day as well.

Seems like my idea of posting 3 cig ads on here weekly (along with my thoughts on each one) seems to be working.  It's not only keeping my blog alive.  But its encouraging more people to come and visit as well.  Even if most of the visitors are smokers, non-smokers who respect smokers' freedoms, and smokjng fetishers.

Thanks for checking my blog out, and thanks to the visitors who find this blog helpful and informative!

One of the older posts on here which has received a lot of views is an old newspaper article I posted on teen smoking almost a year ago exactly.  I believe the article itself was from '78 or 79.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Switch to Salem? If we talking about classical Salems, maybe

The Black lady in this Salem ad looks nice.  But she would look better with a green dress on instead.  Its nice to see her holding an actual lit Salem in her hand.  At least she's coordinated with the green in the pack.

This is from the 70s when BT focused on targeting African-Americans more in their menthol brand ads.  Most Black smokers even today prefer menthols. But Salems wouldnt be their first choice....maybe back in the ol days.  But not in the 21st century.

  As a matter of fact, Salem was the second  most-popular menthol in that decade.  With Kools being #1 of course.

Would this ad tempt me to smoke a Salem?  Well, not a MODERN Salem, that's for sure!  I will admit the Salem Spirit 80s ads look more appealing than this one.

I wish I could go back in time and try the Salems shown in this ad.  Since I heard Salems tasted much better before 1988, when RJR changed the Salem pack design. 

When the pack changed again in the very late 90s, that's when I actually tried some Salems for myself....those menthols tasted gross! No tobacco flavor at all!  Even more mint taste than a Benson and Hedges Menthol! 

My grandma smoked Salems in the 70s.  She quit smoking in 1981, about 25 years before her actual death.