Saturday, June 6, 2015

I disagree this Newport ad targets teens

The Stanford University site with 1000s of cig ads has this Newport ad under the "Targeting Teens" category.  Looks like a Newport ad from the early-mid 80s.  This is a rare early-mid 80s ad with the ad model(s) not even holding an unlit cig.

A man and his woman is playing basketball in the ad.  Last time I checked, adults play basketball too.  Not just teens.   So I wouldnt call this an ad targeting teens.  The ad is making it look like if you smoke, you can have fun playing any sport you want.  And you CAN smoke and still play street basketball for sure.  I've seen basketballers smoking Newports before several times.  And I dont mean NBA guys.  Most NBA guys actually smoke weed.  And they prefer cigars for tobacco smoking.

Playing basketball and smoking Newports are both pleasures...thats the message I get from this ad.  If smoking and playing basketball both aint pleasures, why bother?

Friday, June 5, 2015

Off-Topic update: My Paying Ads is the best advertising program/revshare so far

I updated my banners on here with another advertising program which pays better than My Advertising Pays.

My Paying Ads launched on March 30th (a lil more than two months ago), and I'm already making more than $50/day off of it 5 times a week.  In MAPS it took me 5 months since joining to reach $50/day.

I joined MPA on May 20th, and I reached $50/day in only 15 days with a lotta effort on my part.  I'm making a lil more than $3.60 per 30 mins already at MPA.  Which adds up to $51 per day when I take 30% of the total day's earnings and put it in my MPA cash balance (the same amount which can be withdrawn once per day on weekdays)

And yes, I have been getting paid every single withdrawal I requested in my Paypal.  Including the withdrawal for today (Fri June 5th).  As a matter of fact, the MPA admin Uday processed my Friday withdrawal in only 10 minutes!

It used to "Pay to be on the MAP."  But it REALLY pays to be in My Paying Ads instead.  Especially if you prefer Paypal (MAPS doesnt have Paypal as a processor). 

Uday is fast in processing withdrawals, he posts at least one MPA update per day, and I'm making a nice amount daily just for clicking 10 ads per day.

It even takes less time to click 10 MPA ads than 10 MAPS ads!  It takes only 2 mins for me to click 10 MPA ads.  In MAPS, it would take 6-8 mins.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

This is one of the worst cig ads I've seen in my life

I have never come across this True ad before.  If the motive behind this ad is to convince smokers to switch to True, I dont see anything appealing at all.

I do see a woman in the ad.  But she's focused on looking at the art on the wall.  With the True pack in the lower right.  I wish I could find out the magazines that actually had this dull True ad in the 70s.

For the record, True cigs are no longer on the market in modern times.  But I remember seeing the pack when I was a boy in stores.  I dont think any cig vending machines had this brand.

At least the silver True packs from the 80s had a better look than the 70s version.

This ad is from an era when light cig brands (and UL brands) hit the market big time.  BT didnt wanna lose customers once everyone in the 70s became fully aware smoking is bad for their health.  So instead of quitting the pleasure of enjoying a cig, how about switching to a brand that's "safer" for your health? 

After all, a lotta cig ads emphasized how this so-and-so light/UL brand is very low in tar.  Some 70s/early 80s ads even emphasized (for example) "This light brand has only 7 mg tar."  And a lotta smokers simply switched to the light/UL brands cause they were under the misconception of "Since this brand is low in tar and nic, this MUST be a safer brand for me to smoke compared to full flavor filters and nonfilters!"

With more people switching to "safer" low tar/low nic brands in the 70s, BT was able to keep making millions of bucks  in cig sales instead of worrying about millions of people quitting smoking (Thanks to the Surgeon General making smoking sound dangerous for your health).

I got "safe" in quotes cause by the mid-late 90s, the truth on light/UL cigs was revealed.  BT portrayed certain brands (such as True) as safe cigs.  But in reality, a person smoking lights/ULs is actually smoking more cigs than a FF/NF smoker. 

Since True is low in tar and nic, you would have to smoke a lot more of those cigs than usual to make up for the low tar/nic amount.  And plus, your lips/fingers are always covering up the vent holes on the filters.  The holes are meant to make the drags/inhales lighter than drags/inhales off of say a Newport.  Since  full flavor Newports have no holes on their filters.

So in reality, True never was safer to smoke than Newports and nonfiltered Camels.  And the same is true for all "low tar/low nic brands."  I personally cant handle smoking a light or a UL.  If I wanna inhale fresh air, I'd just quit smoking after 17 years.  Inhaling the outdoor air is just like smoking a light/UL to me.

Oh yeah, I remember hearing (to make up for the low tar/nic) BT adds stuff in lights/ULs they normally dont add to full flavors.  Which supposedly means lights/ULs are worse to smoke in general.  I'll stick with Newports and BH Golds (if I want a FF regular) thank you.