Saturday, March 28, 2015

Woman smokes on plane...while thinking of Fidel Castro!


Smoking a cig on a plane is bold.  But her idol raises some eyebrows.  I see she got charged for disorderly conduct and Penn State is SERIOUSLY looking into this matter?  Smoking on a plane may be illegal in modern times.  But there's nothing to investigate when it comes to simply smoking a legal product. 

I could see an investigation going on if she was a criminal in disguise.  Oh wait...I guess smoking on a plane makes her a "criminal" in itself.

Smoking a cig anywhere, whether its illegal or not, aint disorderly conduct in the true sense.

Monday, March 23, 2015

More Smokers board's new location

I learned Boardhost zapped a lot of smoking boards cause (according to them) the boards violated their TOS by having "obscene material."  Since when did the topic of smoking become "obscene material?"   Since they used to have smoking boards for the past 15 years, the smoking boards didnt violate their TOS back then.  But all of a sudden, a smoking board is obscene?  LBVS

Here's the new location for the More cigarettes brand's forum.

My thoughts on e-cigs

A reader on my blog asked me if I view e-cigs as a menace.  Or a blessing.

Well when e-cigs first came out in the late 2000s, they certainly were not as big back then as they are in 2015.   They were initially marketed as a quit smoking tool.  But I viewed them more as a "blessing" for people who wanted to work around indoor smoking bans.

I've heard from two ladies who actually tried vaping (the term used to describe someone using an e-cig).  And both of them hated it.   I tend to agree smoking a traditonal cig sounds more pleasurable than sucking a device which produces no smoke but "liquid nic."

And despite the fact they're tobacco free and smoke free, a lotta places still treat e-cigs as normal cigs.  As in "If you wanna vape, take it outside like those who smoke the normal cigs!"  I dont think it's fair to treat vapers like smokers.  Unless there's a 2nd hand vaping lie I never heard of before.

Since I'm not interested in e-cigs, I dont wanna call them a blessing.  But its disrespectful (in my eyes) to tell someone to vape outside when he/she is not smoking at all.  I dont think e-cigs are a menace.  Since I still see people with Newports when I DO spend time outside at places.   I have never seen someone with an e-cig in public before.

I dunno if its true e-cigs help people quit smoking for real.  I definitely know its just as tough for minors to buy em as it is for teens trying to buy traditional cigs.