Friday, March 13, 2015

Raising the legal age to 25 for buying tobacco products


This is actually my first blog post for 2015.  But this smoking/tobacco topic certainly warrants attention.

Raising the tobacco age to 25 will NOT save lives.  If people wanna save lives, putting an end to gun violence can help.  Raising the age to 25 would be a sick joke really.  People are gona find a way to get their cigs/e-cigs, even if the age was raised to 30.

Its a wonder why raising the alcohol age to 25 was never considered before.  Oh yeah, it's because (as antismokers would say) drinking only effects the drinker.  And not the people around him/her.  If an intoxicated person starts hitting me outta the clear blue sky, the the effects of drinking would affect me as the non-drinker then.