Saturday, December 19, 2015

BT's classical way of motivating smokers to buy certain brands...offer coupons, promos, and catalogs!

I'm late for this week in picking 3 cig ads.  But these three ads all have the promo theme.   Some ads used to have pack/carton coupons within em.  Newport used to have the Pleasure Goods catalog while Marlboro used to have the "Miles" on every pack.

ie:  If you have so and so amount of Newport PCs, you can get a compact CD player!  Or Newport can send you a carton coupon for $20 off of your next carton purchase!

Of course, its now illegal for BT to have promos/coupons within their ads.  And the US govt made it illegal for BT to make catalogs as well.  Those promos/catalogs were nice incentives to encourage people to buy certain brands.  Especially if the Marlboro/Newport/Camel smoker wanted to essentially get free stuff and all you pay for is shipping with the right amount of UPCs from the packs .  Or the right amount of "Camel Cash" and "Marlboro Miles."

Cig coupons are still legal.  However, not every gas station or store will not actually accept em.

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