Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Three ads with women smoking cigars

Cigar ads were less common to see in mags 3-5 decades ago.  Especially cigar ads with women.  But here are three old ads with cigar ladies.  Take note cigar ads didnt have warnings in em back then.  Just like smokeless tobacco ads didnt have warnings in em before '86.

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Jason T said...

I'm sure the main reason why cig ads were the only tobacco ads with warnings between '71 and '85 is cause most people used tobacco in the form of cigs. And most people dont think of cigars as a smoking product for ladies. But yes, women smoke cigars too. I actually saw a few ladies smoking big cigars at a bar once in '07. Before the smoking ban in my area became a statewide ban in '08.

I'm guessing the late 90s is when warnings first appeared in cigar ads. Along the lines of "Cigar smoking can affect your health, even if you dont inhale [the cigar smoke].

You aint supposed to inhale cigar smoke. But I inhaled it once when I tried a cigar. lol Cigars take much longer to smoke fully compared to smoking a cig all the way down to the butt(the end of the cig).