Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Three 70s Winston ads targeting the Black community

The idea of Blacks smoking Winstons in the modern era would be weird to see.  I believe the 70s was one decade when mo Blacks smoked non-menthols than the Salems/Kools/Newports and other menthols.  I wouldnt say the majority of Black smokers preferred non-menthols in the 70s.  But there was likely a higher  rate of Black smokers with non-menthols back then (compared to the very low rate of Black smokers with non-menthols in the modern era).

One of these Winston ads actually features the old Menthol Winstons.  I believe Menthol Winstons were discontinued before the 80s started.  Since I never saw a pack of em before as a boy.


SmartGuy89 said...

Cool ads Jay!

I start a prosmoking blog too, and I want insert your website as recommend? Can I do?

Good luck in our battle!

Maythe pleasure be with you!

Jason T said...

Hey you can link your blog to yours. Can I see the blog URL for yours so I can add yours to my own blog links? lol

I'm actually interested in seeing your blog for myself!

Jason T said...

Never mind. I found and added your blog to my blog links. Feel free to do the same with mine. Nice looking blog you have (I wanted to leave a comment at yours but I think you have comments disabled on yours...which is "KOOL" with me. lol)