Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Twist it baby! Lemon-flavored menthol cigarettes!

I remember asking my mom as a teen if she ever heard of a brand in the 70s called Twist.  She said she never heard of Twist when I brought em up.  I first heard of Twist when I saw an ad for em in a '73 or '74 Ebony mag.

Obviously, Twist had to be discontinued before '80.  A smoker on the net mentioned not too many people were buying the lemon-flavored menthols.  I guess even in an era when something like 60% of the USA adults smoked cigs, not too many smokers were interested in smoking lemon-flavored cigs.

Since flavored cigs are banned by the FDA in modern times (except menthols), I dont think you'll have to worry about seeing Twist packs making a comeback behind store counters anytime soon.

Speaking of flavored cigs, I remember seeing packs of cherry-flavored Kools in 2004.  As well as coffee-flavored Camels.  The FDA didnt have control over cigs before '09.


Anonymous said...

I use to smoke Twist menthol lemon cigarettes. I loved them. If they made a comeback I would still smoke them!

Jay T said...

I wouldnt mind trying a lemon-flavored menthol. The only problem is because of the flavored cifg ban by the FDA, we will never see a Twist-like brand again. Menthols are still exempted from the flavored ban. But dumb antismokers would still argue Twist is a flavored cig. Since the lemon flavor wouldve been added to the cigs.

Karma said...

My first cigs I ever smoked were Lemon Twists and I loved them! Would still smoke them if they were still around...