Friday, July 3, 2015

The Newports we're all used to seeing

Might as well stick with the Newport theme for this week.

This is most likely a '69/'70 ad, when the Newport pack and the cig itself both got a new look.  And the Newport pack/cig still look the same today (at least the FF Newport pack/cig still look the same).

The other giveaway is this ad doesnt have the "Alive with pleasure!" slogan.  Aside from it not having the SG warning.

The bottom of the pack in this ad looks slightly different than the bottom of a modern FF Newport pack.  A modern pack basically says "CIGARETTES" on the bottom.

This ad looks neat with two Black people and their big afros.  Getting up close with someone you love and is smoking a wonderful Newport is a wonderful feeling.

I think Lorillard is actually saying "KOOL aint cold."   

"Newport is better-tasting than America's #1 menthol (at that time)" is the message I get from this ad.  I bet a Newport 100 back then was a lot stronger than a modern Newport.

In the 70's, Newport's way of getting more Afro-Americans to smoke is by going through urban towns in vans and pass out free Newport pack to Blacks.  FREE NEWPORTS?  Yeah, I barely remember some places passing out free packs of various brands on planes, and at certain auto racing/horse racing events.

I heard some Black kids in the 70s actually stole packs outta the vans...which was the main reason Lorillard discontinued passing out free Newport packs to Black communities in those days.  Of course, back then, kids as young as 5 years old could walk into a store and buy a pack (or buy a pack from a vending machine) with no issues from the workers at all.

Free packs on planes wouldnt work in modern times.  Even if smoking on a plane was still allowed.  Since I could see a lotta people on the plane stealing the packs when they attempt to get off after the plane lands.

People stealing packs in stores in the 70s-80s wouldve been a joke.  Since cigs were a lot more affordable for everyone (and not to mention you couldve bought em anywhere when I count cig vending machines).  A Newport van in modern times would get hijacked.  Since a van with tons of Newport packs is like having a van loaded with cash inside driving thru a Black community.  I wouldnt be surprised if the loose Newports sold in the streets come from stolen packs. . 

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