Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Newport smokes fresher (than any other menthol cig)!

Some people call Newports a "Black cig."  Since its true Newports are the ONLY CIGS I see Blacs smoking at all.  Been more than 10 years since I saw a Black person outside with a pack of Kools, Salems, and even B&H Menthols. 

One sista told me once "I cant smoke a cig with a white filter." 

Well, let's go back to 52 years ago, when Newports had a totally different look.  Would a Black smoker in the 60s be tempted to smoke the original Newports?  After all, African-Americans (believe it or not) represented the majority of US adult smokers during the 60's.

I wouldnt mind trying an all-white Newports from half of a century ago.  I have a feeling even with em having tons of nic in em 50+ years ago, the original Newports had a much minter taste than the Newports I'm used to smoking.

I wouldnt be surprised if more Blacks in that era smoked Kools than Newports and Salems.  For one thing, this ad doesnt target the Black audience.  This ad certainly targets a man who loves seeing ladies smoking all-white cigs.  And a man who gets turned on at seeing a lit cig up-close.  Too bad you cant see the cherry end being "Alive with pleasure" as well.  Since the up-close cig (on the right side) would look better in the dark.

You can see the water in the background.  A lotta menthol ads in the 60s and 70s had the waterfall/beach theme   Since menthols are cigs that "taste fresher," "feel fresher when you inhale/exhale," and "freshens your breath," that meant smoking menthols felt just about as "KOOL" as seeing people smoke in the fresh water at the beach.   Or just about as "KOOL" as seeing a waterfall.  And the waterfall is refreshing to see in itself.

Beach/waterfall images in Winston ads or Cambridge ads wouldnt work since those are regular cigs.  And regulars dont have the refreshing taste and feel.  Therefore, there's no connection between a rich tasting regular and a refreshing-looking beach image.  (Cambridge is one of those now-defunct brands.)

Note:  Menthols actually used to be marketed as a cig which can "freshen your breath/soothe your sore throat" when you smoke em.  Albeit Kools were the ONLY menthols before 1950.   The Newports and Salems didnt hit the market til '58.

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