Monday, July 6, 2015

Capri: The slimmest 120 I have ever seen

Capri cigs first came out in '86 I believe.  Capris are 120s which are slimmer than other 120s.  As a matter of fact, Capri is the slimmest cig I've seen in my life.  They almost looked like white toothpicks in my mom's mouth when she gave em a try once. 

I think she tried em when they first became available.  During the days when it was a lot more affordable for a smoker to actually try a pack of different brands.  She tried lots of different brands in my kid days.  I believe Capris and Mores are the only 120s I ever saw her smoke at all (regular for both brands for her of course).

I never tried a Capri.  I remember seeing one other lady with a pack of Capri regulars in a bar almost 10 years ago.

The ad looks classy.  The lady is holding the Capri up, and she and the cig are both up close so you can see how slim the Capri is for real.  And see how beautiful she is at the same time.

I can understand why the Capri aint lit.  If it was lit, then you wouldnt be able to see the full size of a slim Capri up close.  She looks classy, but I aint tempted to smoke a Capri even after seeing this ad.  Now if she needs a light from me, that's a different story.

I havent seen this brand at all since the 2000s.  I dunno if Capris are still around. 

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