Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Bonus ad: This throwback Marlboro ad wouldve been just about as offensive.... seeing Joe Camel to antismokers. If  PM used babies in their Marlboro ads in the 90s.

I could see several antismokers going "OMG" when seeing a baby in a cig ad.   Babies in cig ads, cartoon characters smoking cigs in tv commercials AND paper ads (this era had the cartoon penguin in Kool paper ads, while my era had Joe of course).  Even cigs walking around like normal people!

This was all normal to see when BT marketed cigs before 1970.  I do believe having babies in cig ads (as well as the lie of cigs being a good medicine alternative) eventually got banned before the 60s for sure.  I never saw a baby in even a 60s cig ad.

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