Friday, July 31, 2015

Barclay cigs lady ad

Barclay is a discontinued brand which was introduced by Brown & Williamson (the original makers of Kools) in 1966.  B&W marketed the brand as a low tar/low nic cig. 

But in reality, when a smoker covers up the filter vent holes, he/she is inhaling a lot more tar and nic than 1 mg tar/0.1 mg nic as stated from the FTC.  

These stats started appearing in '71 cig ads and I believe the FDA forced BT to stop using this misleading info in 2010.  Since the FTC measured tar and nic in cigs with machines that "smoked" the cigs.  A human smokes (and even holds) a cig a lot differently than a darn machine.

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