Sunday, June 21, 2015

Virginia Slims ad from the 60's

"You've come a long way, baby." 

The famous slogan connected with Virginia Slims (VS).  VS was born in 1960.  I know this cause I remember seeing a 1990 VS ad which recognized the brand's 30th birthday at the time.  This ad is from 1969.

Notice anything different in this VS ad?   Its true the VS packs looked slightly different in the 60s compared to a modern pack (like the VS name on a modern pack is vertical instead of horizontal).

But there's something more significant to someone with good eyes when you compare this ad with other ads I posted on my blog.  Yup, this ad doesnt have the infamous SG warning as well as no stats on the VS cig's tar/nic content.  Cig ads made before 1971 had no warnings (and the packs/cartons had no warnings as well).

This ad is also from one of the last years of the cig tv/radio commercials era in the USA.  If ads HAD the SG warning in the 60's, I wouldnt know how you could put a SG warning in a tv cig commercial.  I remember seeing a VS tv commercial on U-Tube once.  

Virginia Slims....the original slim cig brand for ladies.  Some smoking ladies believe smoking helps keep them slim.  If a woman still believes smoking helps her lose weight, maybe she smokes a slim brand (if not VS).  After all,, if a woman wants to stay slim, she might as well make Virginia Slims her main brand.  Since the slim cigs can help her STAY slim. 

I heard of people who quit smoking and it didnt take them long to GAIN more weight.

VS is certainly the "Marlboros" of the slim cigs world.  But PM didnt start making VS 120s til 1985.  I'll have to look for a VS 120 ad next.

The rare times when I smoked the VS Menthol 100s, they tasted like a slimmer version of Benson and Hedges Menthols.  And had a stronger feeling (on drags) than their 120s siblings.  I do not think VS were ever available in king size.

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