Friday, June 12, 2015

Salem Slim Lights ad

This is a much better-looking Salem ad!  The Black lady is not only smiling.  But she's holding the cig in a classy and glamorous way.  And you can see the lit cig up close.  It would look even better with a Salem lady in person.  Since you would see the glowing "cherry end" up close as well.

The "cherry end" is the lit end of a cig of course.  And when a lady is holding a lit cig in the dark, you can see the end glow in orange style actually.  And when she takes a drag in the dark, the cherry end gets brighter for a few seconds.

She is one beautiful lady with a beautiful cig indeed!

BT's way of making smoking more attractive to women during the 70s-90s is by making cigs which are slimmer than a king size/100 cig (or slimmer than a "man's cig," the term one Virginia Slims ad used). 

If a cig is 120mm in length, its a good bet it's a slim cig.  If 120s were just about as "fat" as a  100 cig, then the 120s wouldnt be CLASS A CIGS then (since the 120s would have more tobacco in em than a 100 in that case).

As a metter of fact, some people (even nonsmokers) called slim cigs "women's cigs."  But I wouldnt be surprised if a few men smoked Salem Slim Lights in the good ol' days (as well as other 120 brands.  Including the brown Mores).

In the case of the Salem Slim Lights in this ad, this  brand is no longer in existence in modern times.    There were even more slim brands 3-4 decades ago in comparison to now.

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