Friday, June 5, 2015

Off-Topic update: My Paying Ads is the best advertising program/revshare so far

I updated my banners on here with another advertising program which pays better than My Advertising Pays.

My Paying Ads launched on March 30th (a lil more than two months ago), and I'm already making more than $50/day off of it 5 times a week.  In MAPS it took me 5 months since joining to reach $50/day.

I joined MPA on May 20th, and I reached $50/day in only 15 days with a lotta effort on my part.  I'm making a lil more than $3.60 per 30 mins already at MPA.  Which adds up to $51 per day when I take 30% of the total day's earnings and put it in my MPA cash balance (the same amount which can be withdrawn once per day on weekdays)

And yes, I have been getting paid every single withdrawal I requested in my Paypal.  Including the withdrawal for today (Fri June 5th).  As a matter of fact, the MPA admin Uday processed my Friday withdrawal in only 10 minutes!

It used to "Pay to be on the MAP."  But it REALLY pays to be in My Paying Ads instead.  Especially if you prefer Paypal (MAPS doesnt have Paypal as a processor). 

Uday is fast in processing withdrawals, he posts at least one MPA update per day, and I'm making a nice amount daily just for clicking 10 ads per day.

It even takes less time to click 10 MPA ads than 10 MAPS ads!  It takes only 2 mins for me to click 10 MPA ads.  In MAPS, it would take 6-8 mins.


Unknown said...

How much did you invest to make $50 per day? What is the fast way of reaching there?

Jason T said...

I do remember you need to buy at least $9500 in shares in order to make $100 per day. So for $50 per day, it would likely be $4500 in shares. Going into MPA big (as in spending $500-$1000 in shares) or starting small to test the system and then buy mo with lots mo of the fresh funds as time goes alone will work.

But remember, everyone in MPA starts with the $1 shares. So if you DID go in with $500, you would be able to max out the $1 shares with $200 and buy 100 of the $3 shares in Level 2.

I'm in Level 9 now (the $40 shares) and I'm making $100-$110 per day 7 days a week in MPA.