Sunday, June 28, 2015

Newport Stripes: A now-defunct brand

I tried the non-menthol Newport Stripes once in my early 20s.  They had a cinnamoney-like taste....kinda similar to the taste of the Newport Reds (the NON-menthol Newports).

The last (and only) time I saw a lady with the "pink" Newport Stripes was in '03, outside of Wrigley.  When she lit up one of her Stripes while waiting for the train.  (If she tried smoking while waiting for the train now, she would get ticketed if the "smoke cops" caught her up there).  i never tried the menthol Stripes before.

I believe Newport Stripes first came out in '87 or '88.  Since I remember seeing them on an outdoor billboard around that same time.  The ad is in a nice, dark pink color.  This is the Stripes ad with the prettiest women as well (at least among the ones I saw on the net).
The best part about this former brand is the cigs were all-whites.  Making them one of only two all-white Newport brands.  Newport 120s were all-whites too.  And both of those all-white Newports are no longer in existence.

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