Friday, June 19, 2015

Meet the Marlboro Man, the guy who defines smoking and cigs

I'm sure any readers born in the 20th century are very famiiar with the Marlboro Man.  He's the one who defined Marlboros AND cigs in general during my lifetime. 

When I think of smoking, "Marlboro" is the first brand to come to my mind.  I'd be surprised if there's a person who's been smoking longer than me and has NEVER smoked a single Marlboro cig of ANY kind in his/her life as a smoker. 

Marlboro Lights (not pictured in this ad) were the most common cigs I saw in high school and especially college.  Seemed like almost all of the non-menthol ladies at my college had the Marlboro Lights.  With the occasional Marlboro MENTHOL Lights ladies.  

Even my own mother smoked Marlboro Lights 100s herself in my boy days.  She was a rare African-American smoker who hated menthols.  Although she smoked a Newport or a Benson and Hedges Menthol Light from time to time within the last 3 years of her life.

Marlboro Reds were just as popular to see among smokers in the 80s and 90s.  I remember seeing a 14 year old girl (when I was in 7th grade) smoking a Red 100 from the old Red 100 Gold pack......the same pack you see in this ad.  PM discontinued  the gold Red 100 packs in the late 90s.  Now the Red 100s come in red packs.

How many Marlboros have I tried over the years?  Lets see. Red Kings/100s, ML kings/100s, ML Menthol kings/100s, Marlboro FF Menthol (Green pack) 100s, Marlboro Milds, Marlboro Smooths (the cigs which taste like candy canes),  and Marlboro Blend 27s (PM's version of Camels....and the 27s DO taste a lot like Camels).

I never tried the Marlboro Mediums and the Marlboro Blacks.  I think the ML menthols taste better than the FF Marlboro Menthols.  The FF menthols are weaker than a Newport and weaker than even a Kool from the late 90s (before RJR bought Kools).  I'd have to stop smoking for 10 years before I pick up a Marlboro FF Menthol.  Otherwise, no FF menthol can beat a Newport.

But whether you smoke Marlboros or not, or even if you're a non-smoker, you gotta admit the Marlboro Man is the #1 icon in the world of smoking.

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