Monday, June 15, 2015

Max: A 120 brand of the past

Too bad the actual size of a Max was never as huge as the Max cig in this ad.  lol   Seeing a lady lean up against a cig is eye-catching.   I'm guessing it was more common to see Max ads in the 70s.  When the brand first came out. I never saw Max ads anywhere in the 80s.  I never even heard of em til I found the smoking boards on the net in the late 90s.  At that time, I remember seeing posts from a Jacki lady who happened to smoke the Max regulars in the blue pack.

One negative about this ad is you see more of the cig than the lady herself.  If she's supposed to "Meet Max," she would look better giving Max a hug. 

Of course, you can't hug a cig in reality. But anything was possible in making cig ads.  Especially when I think of ads with the cigs "sitting down" on couches and cigs "laying down in bed,"  Benson and Hedges ads in the late 90s had the theme of cigs acting like actual people.

I actually smoked a few packs of Max Menthols between '03 and '06.   When I smoked em, I remember seeing the name of the brand engraved on the cig itself (just like the way Benson and Hedges were made prior to '06).  It would say across the cig paper "MAX MENTHOL 120S BY KENT." 

To me, Max Menthols tasted a lil bit like an "all-white Newport 100."  Max is a former 120 brand made by Lorillard.  The same company who originally made Newports.

(I thought Newports are made by RJR now.  My Newport packs/cartons still say Lorillard on em.)

Max is also the strongest 120 I've ever smoked.  It was certainly stronger-tasting than a Virginia Slims Menthol 120! 

Most of the 120s I tried in the past felt and tasted more like a menthol light cig.  Actually Saratoga is the only other 120 which tasted like a FF cig to me.  I remember coming across a Saratoga ad on the net.  I'll have to look for one.

I wouldnt mind smoking a Max Menthol pack again if this brand still existed today.  It would cost more than a Newport pack (and a Marlboro pack).  But they were worth it for a 120s lover who wants a brand with full flavor taste.

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