Thursday, June 25, 2015

Marlboro Lights...the #1 brand for new smokers & teen smokers in general

Marlboro Lights.  This was the #1 brand teens (and "late blooming" adult smokers) used to start smoking with.  Its still a popular lights brand today.  Even if it is true most people who smoke em are Caucasians (White smokers).

Seemed like when I was in school and college, the sexiest girls always turned out to be smokers.  And most of them had the Marlboro Lights.  Some college ladies had the ML MENTHOL Lights.  But from my experience, Marlboro Gold Lights was the #1 brand to see among Caucasian HS/college girls.  With Marlboro Reds being #2 for ladies in that same group.

I actually remember seeing at least two Blacks smoking MLs (aside from my mom).  A Black lady in downtown smoked a ML outside (this was in 2000).  I even saw her own ML 100 pack as she sat down.   And a bro in a dorm room at my college asked for a cig....which of course was a ML.  I was a college freshman at that time. All of the people in the room were drinking beer and smoking ML kings...I didnt see any other brand in that "party dorm room."

I agree Marlboro Lights make a good brand for a new smoker.  Smoking these allows someone to get the feel of dragging a cig and inhaling.  But once the person gets used to smoking, I wouldnt blame him/her for switching to a stronger, full flavored brand. 

Now if a person actually starts smoking with a Newport, Marlboro Red, or even Kools, a ML is gonna feel mo like sucking air outta straw then.  I actually remember saying "This [ML 100] tastes like chocolate milk" when I was 19 and I was already used to smoking Newports .  lol

 The ML kings have slightly stronger drags than the 100s.  And the menthol ones have a lil more taste to them with the added mint flavor of course.  But if I had to pick one, it would actually be the Gold Lights.

I could've seen myself smoking these now and then when I was in my 20s and I actually did.  Even chainsmoked 15 ML 100s once maybe 10-12 years ago. (That's 15 cigs.  NOT packs-lol)  They're easier to chainsmoke than Newports, thats for sure.  But thanks to modern pack prices, those chainsmoking days are over.  I dont think I even chainsmoked 8 Newports...the most I ever did was 6 Newport 100s.

Chainsmoke is when a person smokes one cig after another without taking a break in between cigs.  In other words, if you put a fresh cig in your mouth and light it up while putting the lit cig butt out (from your previous cig), then you would be chainsmoking at least 2 cigs.

 As far as the ML ad itself is concerned, it would look better if a lady was in it instead ot the Marlboro Man.  I think of Reds when I see him.  I think of HS girls and young ladies in college when I hear "Marlboro Lights."  I'd still smile at a lady who switched from MLs to at least Reds (assuming she aint into menthols). 

MLs are a good all-white brand to see ladies smoke.  But they aint a real cig to enjoy for my personal smoking.  By the way, in some countries, MLs are actually CORKED cigs.  And they even got less nic in em than the US version.


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