Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Happy 30th anniversary, Virginia Slims 120s!

This appears to be a VS 120s ad from '85.  The same year when this version of VS first came out.

The lady looks very elegant and sexy.  She looks soooo good, I wouldn't mind taking a VS 120 from her if she offered me one.  Even if it's a VS Regular 120.  I guess when BT is introducing a new 120, or a new version of VS, might as well make it a 2-page ad.  So you can catch ladies' attention while they read their favorite magazine.

I wouldn't be surprised if this ad was used as a billboard/side of a bus ad as well.

The only thing missing in this cute ad is the "You've come a long way, baby" slogan.

I actually tried a pack of the VS Regular 120s once in my 20s.  Both flavors are good brands for a smoker who's used to enjoying lights.  This is my most preferred 120s brand for ladies  A cute woman with a long and pretty all-white VS 120 both go hand in hand.

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