Wednesday, June 17, 2015

An ad of the only corked 120 I ever heard of in the USA

I came across some Saratoga 70s ads.  But all of the ones I saw have the cartoon theme.  Doral is another brand with the cartoon theme in their 70s ads.  But here's the only corked 120 to ever appear in the USA if some smokers/readers never heard of Saratoga before.

Overall, I think having a lady holding a Saratoga in her hand or mouth would be more glamorous than having cartoon characters.  Unless PM's intention was to make Saratogas look attractive to teens during the 70s era.

PM = Philip Morris, the same makers of Marlboro and Benson and Hedges.

I bet a few teen girls actually smoked 120s even 40 years ago.  But I cant see a new teen girl smoker saying "Maybe I'll start smoking by buying a Saratoga pack."     I guess PM didnt wanna use ladies in their Saratoga ads because there would be no connection with ladies and corked cigs.  Especially a corked 120.  Ladies would've connected more with the all-white 120s called Max and Eve.  Since an all-white 120 would look prettier than a corked 120 in my opinion.

I've smoked Saratoga Golds before.  Yes, I'd call em a "Marlboro Red 120" taste-wise.  But Newports and Marlboros are better-looking corked cigs to me.  Even Camels are better-looking corked cigs (the way they smell is a different story though).

 I cant confirm if Saratogas are still available right now.  Since I never asked for a Saratoga pack in the FSC era.

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