Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A bonus Eve ad for this week

I don't know the country this Eve ad is from.  But seeing this babe take a drag on her Eve caught my attention.  Seeing cig ad models hold lit cigs is nice.  But I dont even remember seeing ladies take actual drags in the USA cig ads before.

Eve was one of those 120's brands which first came out in the 70s.  A cute woman actually savoring her cig in this ad makes the other Eve ads I've seen look dull.  Especially since the Eve ads I remember seeing only had the packs in em.

(Maybe this is an 80s ad? I aint sure.)

I guess to some folks in the 90s era (at least EARLY 90s), Eve was more like "an old lady's cig" to em.  I actually never saw this brand before outside of ads.  Not even in the 80s.  VS, Misty, More, Carlton, Capri, and Newport are the 120s I remember seeing for sure in the 80s and 90s. 

I believe I was a lil kid when Salem Slim Lights 120s were still on the market in the early-mid 80s. Since I have seen those 120s in Salem Spirit ads from that decade.

 And I never saw Max and Saratoga for the first time in my life til I got on the net in the late 90s.    Even when they were available, Max/Saratoga were still hard to find in general.

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