Wednesday, June 10, 2015

73 hits in one day - a new record for my blog

June 9th (Tuesday) turned out to be the best day ever for my blog.  My blog received 73 hits in one day.  The only 50+ hit day as well.

Seems like my idea of posting 3 cig ads on here weekly (along with my thoughts on each one) seems to be working.  It's not only keeping my blog alive.  But its encouraging more people to come and visit as well.  Even if most of the visitors are smokers, non-smokers who respect smokers' freedoms, and smokjng fetishers.

Thanks for checking my blog out, and thanks to the visitors who find this blog helpful and informative!

One of the older posts on here which has received a lot of views is an old newspaper article I posted on teen smoking almost a year ago exactly.  I believe the article itself was from '78 or 79.

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