Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My blog will be having an 8th anniversary in June

On my More board, I place a new More ad in the board's header every 2 weeks.

I plan on changing the theme of this blog as a way of applying the idea on here.  I'm still gonna keep this a pro-smoking blog in general.  And if I come across a smoking-related article (I personally dont like talking about e-cig related articles) I'll share it.

But as a way of not making this blog look dead, I'm gonna start picking out 3 ads per month to share on here, and give my thoughts on them.   I'm more interested in sharing my thoughts on ads for Marlboro, Newport, and Virginia Slims for example.   I even wouldnt mind sharing my thoughts on the classical Joe Camel ads.  Since a lotta kids from the 90s recognized Joe more than Mickey Mouse.

I dont think RJR was targeting kids with the Joe Camel ads.  Because I know I wouldnt be tempted to buy a pack of Camels just because I saw a Joe cartoon character.  Marlboro Reds taste better than Camels to me.  Cartoon characters in cig ads werent common at all.  Not even during the 40s and 50s when Big Tobacco made cigs sound like a form of medicine in their ads (ie:  "Smoke a KOOL if you have a sore throat.")

Speaking of Kool, the Kool Penguin is the only other cartoon character I saw in cig ads.  The Flintstones appeared in TV ads for Winston in the 60s.  But not in the Winston "paper ads" from that decade.

Where are my ads gonna come from?  Well, here's one site with tons of cig ads from all decades of the 20th century.  Actually includes e-cig ads from the modern era as well.

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