Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Marlboro Light packs will stay on here

I could add images of Newport packs on here since that's the brand I smoke.  But in the pre-FSC days (and the pre days of seeing double digit pack prices), I smoked Marlboro Lights (including the ML MENTHOL Lights) now and then.  If a lady offers me a ML, I cant turn her down.

Marlboro Lights is a good brand for ladies since they're all-white cigs in the US.  I enjoyed em when I was in my 20s.  But I cant imagine myself smoking a Marlboro Light now since it would feel like I'm smoking air for a cig.  (I never tried the Marlboro ULs before)

I'll take a Red or a Marlboro 27 for a regular cig.  Marb 27s are the ones in the brown packs.  And they taste a lil like Camels with the caramel flavor in em.

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