Monday, March 23, 2015

My thoughts on e-cigs

A reader on my blog asked me if I view e-cigs as a menace.  Or a blessing.

Well when e-cigs first came out in the late 2000s, they certainly were not as big back then as they are in 2015.   They were initially marketed as a quit smoking tool.  But I viewed them more as a "blessing" for people who wanted to work around indoor smoking bans.

I've heard from two ladies who actually tried vaping (the term used to describe someone using an e-cig).  And both of them hated it.   I tend to agree smoking a traditonal cig sounds more pleasurable than sucking a device which produces no smoke but "liquid nic."

And despite the fact they're tobacco free and smoke free, a lotta places still treat e-cigs as normal cigs.  As in "If you wanna vape, take it outside like those who smoke the normal cigs!"  I dont think it's fair to treat vapers like smokers.  Unless there's a 2nd hand vaping lie I never heard of before.

Since I'm not interested in e-cigs, I dont wanna call them a blessing.  But its disrespectful (in my eyes) to tell someone to vape outside when he/she is not smoking at all.  I dont think e-cigs are a menace.  Since I still see people with Newports when I DO spend time outside at places.   I have never seen someone with an e-cig in public before.

I dunno if its true e-cigs help people quit smoking for real.  I definitely know its just as tough for minors to buy em as it is for teens trying to buy traditional cigs.

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