Thursday, February 6, 2014

CVS will stop selling tobacco products (including cigs of course)

CVS decided to drop selling cigs and tobacco products in all of their stores as of October 2014.

The media says this decision will make CVS lose at least 2 billion bucks in revenues per year.  But I never bought cigs from CVS anyway.  Feel free to discontinue selling em CVS.  At least Walgreens believes in accommodating ALL of their customers (even with having their own clinics) by still selling cigs.

I agree its hypocritical to drop cigs but not liquor if CVS is really concerned about having clinics in their stores.  If they really concerned about getting rid of products that can affect their customers' health, they need to take the liquor off of their shelves as well.  And all of those candy bars I've seen in an aisle once.

Will Walgreens discontinue selling tobacco products?  At the time of this post, I heard Walgreens is thinking of the idea.  But they have no plans (at least for now) to drop cigs off of their shelves.