Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Since ballparks are smoke-free, being outside of Wrigley still has lots of smokey chick sightings

The smoking rate of US adults would be much more than 20 percent if it was based on the amount of people I saw smoking outside of Wrigley Field,  When I went to a Cub game last weekend

I saw LOTS of ladies smoking cigs outside of Wrigley today. Most were smoking all-whites that smelled like MLs to me. It's hard to get a look at the cig when some ladies take fast drags. But I definitely didnt smell any menthol smoke from anyone outside. Except for two men asking me for a light so they could light up their Newports.

One lady was wearing shades and she had a slim cig dangling in her mouth while walking past me. It certainly looked like an all white 120 baby she was dangling since her cig is longer than my Newport 100s.

The US adult smoking rate is low? I find it hard to believe the smoking rate in Chicago alone is the lowest in IL (based on how many people I saw with cigs at the Cub game). Unless most of the Chicago smokers are Cub fans. lol I felt like I was outside in downtown Chicago in 1994 instead of outside of Wrigley in 2014!

I thought I'd be lucky to find a lady being a bad girl in Wrigley itself by sneaking a smoke like on one of the ramps or the patio the Cubs have. So I can join her instead of stepping outside for a few mins. But the Cubs got no smoking signs all over the place (including on the patio). I was disappointed to see they even have smoke cops on their patio to catch anyone smoking. And to catch intoxicated fans getting violent of course...

For the record, I saw nobody with e-cigs in Wrigleyville.

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