Tuesday, June 3, 2014

PM hopes their smokeless cig will be "the cig of the future." LOL

Philip Morris International has spent $650 million in the past three years — and is ramping up spending by $100 million a year — to launch a volley of next-generation cigarettes at a market of smokers who have thus far mostly taken a pass on e-cigarettes. The objective is to produce something that looks like a cigarette, tastes like a cigarette and satisfies smokers’ craving for nicotine and oral stimulation without all the side effects of burning tobacco. PMI plans to launch the first such device, which it now calls Platform One, later this year or early 2015 in a country yet to be named. It’s an updated version of technology that has been around a long time, which heats tobacco to around 400 degrees Fahrenheit instead of the peak of 1,600 degrees during a long, satisfying draw on a conventional cigarette. After that it plans to introduce a different version with a glowing tip that is separated from the tobacco, and a pair of products that create nicotine vapor. CLICK HERE for full article page.

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