Sunday, June 30, 2013

US smoking rate now at 18 percent

I heard the smoking rate in the US (among adult smokers) is 18 as of 2013.

While I believe the rate is low, I don't think its as low as 18 percent.  More like 23-25 percent if I include closet smokers and underage smokers.  While it's true more teens in modern times smoke weed, I still believe more teens smoke cigs in modern times than what antis may think.

Antis claim the high cig prices will convince more teens to never start smoking.  Well last time I checked, it's illegal for a teen to buy cigs.  And since they get their cigs by stealing packs and/or having older siblings/peers buy cigs for them, the teens aint really paying anything for their "expensive" packs.  So the hi prices won't stop a teen from trying cigs.  They wont have to worry about cig prices til they actually start buying packs at 18.  Til then, they gonna do what it takes to get cigs in bad, sneaky ways.  LOL

3 Wardens quit after getting "verbal abuse" from smokers: UK

Smking bans would fail everywhere if more smokers had the attitude of that lady who cussed a warden out.  The warderns call it "verbal abuse" from smokers.  I call it pure honest feelings from the smokers themselves.


Three wardens hired to stop smokers outside hospital quit in disgust over the levels of verbal abuse hurled at them

“All three walked away just days after starting the £12,000-a-year job, blaming intimidation from smokers.
The wardens were hired as part of an NHS drive to stop people flouting no smoking rules outside hospitals.

It was hoped they would encourage people to stop lighting up as doctors have warned the fog of smoke at hospital
doors could harm the health of visitors and patients.”

Gordon Stewart, a smoking warden at the Southern General in Glasgow, said: “Around one in 10 smokers we approach are abusive. The rest either put out their fags or move outside the grounds.

“We have even had patients in wheelchairs and on drips smoking.

“One woman patient told me to f*** off then called me a c***.

“She said she would smoke as many cigarettes as she liked just to p*** me off but she did apologise later.”

“Colleague James Willison, 21, added: “The abuse is not nice. We are only trying to help. We also hand out advice to smokers on how to stop. But a small minority just do not want to know.”