Wednesday, November 6, 2013

NYC Article on raising the tobacco age from 18 to 21 and e-cig thoughts


You gotta be at least 21 to buy tobacco products in NYC now instead of 18.  I wouldn't be surprised if 21 eventually becomes the new age for buying tobacco in ALL states 2 years from now.

It's sad to think an 18-20 year old can serve the country in the army, and work 2 jobs at once in order to pay his/her college tuition and other college expenses (for the ones who wanna go to college).  But that 18-20 year old may lose the right to buy cigs in the near future.

I barely lived in the days when people could buy cigs and any tobacco (including smokeless tobacco) at ANY age without any trouble.  Now a young adult who wants to smoke in NYC has to ask someone legally old enough to buy liquor to buy that cig pack for him/her too.

But based on NYC's cig prices, I wouldnt buy cigs in that town anyway.  At least an 18-20 year old can still go to NH or Vermont to buy packs and cartons legally.

I'm sure that new 21 age applies to e-cig purchases as well.  I can only laugh at those calling e-cigs the cigs of the future.  If smoking bans got revoked, then e-cigs would die immediately.  Those things were invented to help smokers work around smoking bans,  Some call em a quit smoking tool. but I dont see how e-cigs can help anyone lose the nic craves for good.

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