Sunday, July 21, 2013

Bic lighters are the best ones to use for smoking

Do you prefer using Bic lighters, or the cheap lighters to light up your cigs?  Or do you have the attitude of "As long as it works in lighting up my cigs, I dont care about the lighter brand." *chuckle*

I prefer the tall Bics.  The tiny Bic lighters are ok.  But its easier for the tiny lighters to fall outta my pockets without realizing it while outside.  I never lost a tall Bic lighter before. 

I do remember rare times when the tall lighters would come in contact with falling rain.  And then the rain would essentially "kill" the lighter. I learned back then when lighters fall in water or come in contact with too much rain while outside, the lighter fluid becomes plain water in a sense.  Therefore, when I flick, I aint gonna see a flame pop up.  Not even a small flame.

The color of the Bics aint a biggie to me.  Even if I saw a gray Bic for instance, I'd still use it.  But my favorite lighter colors are red, black, purple, and pink.  I only see pink lighters once in a blue moon.

The cheaper lighters make my cigs taste a lot different.  They make Newports feel like I'm smoking a light cig instead.  They also dont last as long as a Bic lighter.  A cheap one lasts for only 3 straight weeks before the flames become small.  A tall Bic can last as long as 1.5 months before the flames become small.

(The cheap lighters are actually a lil wider than a Bic.)

BTW, for any Blog readers, in case you didnt know, you can buy 50 Bic Lighters at Amazon for only $52 (that price includes shipping).  That's only a lil mo than 1 buck per lighter individually.  You can buy 1-2 Bic lighters at Amazon if you wanna pay 7-10 bucks for it.  LOL

Walmart has the best offline prices for lighters.  Their price for a 5 pack of tall Bic lighters is about $4.60 by me.  That's only 92 cents for each Bic individually.  92 cents is a darn good price for one tall Bic lighter when I take into account one tall Bic lighter in Chicago is about $2.25 in convience stores and gas stations.

I only keep emphasizing the tall term cause I assume a pack of the smaller Bic lighters would be cheaper.  And its hard to find a place that sells smaller Bics individually/ But I aint used to buying that lighter size.  Sometimes, I might get 2 of the smaller ones for free within a 5 pack of tall Bics.

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