Saturday, June 15, 2013

No smoking in all Related Companies apartments

Related Companies has banned smoking in all of their apartments nationwide.  Which includes no smoking on balconies.

Current Tenants who smoke are given a small break.  They're permitted to smoke in their apartments til their lease expires and get it renewed.  If I can't even smoke on the balcony of an apartment, I aint wasting my time renewing the lease.  At least in houses, smokers can light up whenever they want.

CLICK THIS  for link to NY Times page.


Anonymous said...

This has been going on in Philadelphia by private landlords for the last few years. Have a band? no problem! screaming children? come on in! A rowdy drunk? hey, it's legal to drink!

So many things are tolerated by landlords, so many apartments overpriced and under-maintained but try to have a cigarette in your overpriced apartment or even balcony if you have one and you're OUTTAHERE! It's ridiculous, wrong and imho definitely discrimination. Not all of us can afford to or want to buy a house - and depending on the state, there are communities trying to tell homeowners they can't smoke in their own homes. SMH

Anonymous said...

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