Friday, January 25, 2013

Getting cigs by prescription only?

I'I heard IL politicians are entertain the idea of makin ppl get cigs by prescription only. Even if I pretendm a nonsmoker I'd still CTFU at dis idea. I cant imagine a doctor prescribin me to smoke a pack of cigs every 2 days. Neva mind the fact I'd have to get the cigs from him. Gettin cigs by a prescription sounds like a way to totally ban smokin (which would include bannin cig sales.....but bannin cig sales means a lot less moolah for the politicians unless they heavily tax junk food and candy, notha idea I heard of).

If I ever need a prescription to get cigs, then no problem!  I'll just travel next door to Indiana where you can get cigs the normal way!  I dont even know how a cig prescription law would be enforced when cops see anyone smoking outdoors.


eko said...

prescription for cig?? how about a bottle of alcohol?
So lucky in my country is still free

Anonymous said...

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