Saturday, July 28, 2012

Minnesota woman fired for smoking in her own home


A Minnesota woman is claiming that smoking a cigarette in the privacy of her own home cost her a job.

Stephanie Cannon was fired from her job as a receptionist at the Frauenshuh Cancer Center of Park Nicollet Health Services on the grounds that she smelled like smoke at work, KSTP-TV reports. Cannon is a regular, pack-a-day smoker, but she told the local ABC affiliate that she never brought her habit with her to work.

Six weeks into her job, Cannon's boss told her she could no longer show up to work smelling like smoke. Despite efforts to eliminate the smell from her clothing -- which she claims included bagging and spraying her clothing with air freshener before work -- the stench just wouldn't go away, and the hospital let her go.

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Property RIghts Newsletter

The Property Rights Newsletter
July 27, 2012 - Issue #674
"Once, during Prohibition, I was forced to live
for days on nothing but food and water."
- W.C. Fields
Property Rights for all include Smokers Rights! NY: Nanny Mike's next target a real boozy. The department declined to divulge questions, saying the survey is still in the drafting stages. But it has been engaged in a media-education campaign to warn against dangerous binge drinking. Research from 2010 shows about half of New Yorkers 21 and older drink alcohol. More than one in 10 young adults say they are heavy drinkers, and 42 percent are binge drinkers.

CA: Anti-smoking activist declared a nuisance, being evicted. By Michael J. McFadden. "Birke, an attorney, has said he is not against smokers but says there is much evidence that secondhand smoke is a health threat and a public nuisance." Really? OK Mr. Birke: Please produce just a SINGLE study that would show that people smoking outdoors harms people's health. - "I'll keep going until the last court makes the very last decision," Birke said.

Property Rights for all include Smokers Rights! MN: Woman Fired for Smelling Like Cigarette Smoke. By Phil Johnson. This is all down to the unproven crap from Winickof and his ridiculous 3rd hand smoke assertions based on 1346 phone calls asking idiots at home, extremely loaded questions - a bit like putting a loaded gun to someone's head! - A Fridley woman named Stephanie Cannon believes she's the victim of discrimination - fired because she smelled like cigarette smoke. Cannon claims she was told to "avoid my husband in the morning" because he also smokes. She says she was also encouraged to shower at the hospital--before work - instead of at home. The law in Minnesota states that an employer can't refuse to hire you (or fire you) if you do something that's not against the law (like smoking) if it takes place off the premises during non-work hours. That means even if smoking isn't allowed at work, you can't be fired for smoking at home on your own time. Or does it?

GA: Atlanta Parks. Jeremy Richards, Ph.D., The Southeast Regional Director of the Citizens Freedom Alliance lists compelling evidence for why smoking bans often do not work. It is true that even these outdoor Mayor Bloomberg-esque bans have had some popularity recently. However, in my research on tobacco prohibitions I have discovered that many of the smoking bans (both outdoor and even some indoor) have begun to fail.

USA: Ban-Ban-Banzhaf. John Banzhaf III, former cruise ship dancer, anti-smoking wibbler and ambulance chaster extraordinaire, joined Twitter over a year ago and has so far been rewarded with 46 followers, some of whom are not bots or people who heartily despise him. His tweets are almost entirely limited to links to his own self-written press releases, but occasionally he cuts out the middle man and lets us know what is really on his mind...

World: Smokers Blogs. Watch instant postings to your favorite blogs.

Watch: Wanda Bankston - Educating America
Let me first say I am not a smoker; however I am opposed to Atlanta City Officials to even think of banning smoking outside. It is an outrage for them to want to endanger a person's health forcing smoking of all kinds inside.

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