Wednesday, July 4, 2012

IL cig tax makes a Chicago pack 11 bucks now

I'm sure most smokers online heard about the $1/pack cig tax increase in Illinois.  Which means a pack in Chicago is now 11 bucks.

If the intent of raising cig taxes is to help bring in more money for IL, I dunno how that's gonna happen.  Raising the cig taxes is gonna have an opposite effect.  More smokers in IL are either gonna quit smoking.  Or they'll buy cigs outside of IL more often.

Even with buying cigs outta state (as I do myself), the state of IL still loses cig tax money to smokers like me.  And Indiana welcomes me with open arms as a cig customer in their state.

Smoke-free parks in Erie (NY) County

I'm surprised a lot of these park bans don't have a vote hearings.  Oh, people probably do vote in favor or against smoking bans in parks.  But the residents should be the ones voting.  Not political people.