Monday, May 7, 2012

Heating up FSCs in the microwave

I heard about this idea in the past. On how heating up cigs for 30 secs in a microwave neutralizes the FSC chemicals.

I actually tried this out for myself. Except I didnt heat em up in the Newport pack. I took all of em out, and placed em on an opened-up napkin in the microwave. After they heated up, I put em back in the pack.

I believe if you heat em up in the pack, you gotta remove the silver foil inside of the pack before heating. When I removed the foil, a tiny piece of it was left in the pack. I didnt take my chances of putting the pack in the wave cause of the tiny foil.

After the cigs heated up, I noticed they smelled a lot more like the way unlit Newports smelled in the non-FSC days. They smelled like all tobacco instead, in other words.

As far as the taste goes, they still taste like Newport box 100s. I still tasted more tobacco than the actual mint. (Of course, some menthol brands have a lot more mint flavor on drags. Such as Salems and VS/BH menthols)

The only negative thing I notice so far is the Newports taste a lil weaker after the cigs are heated up. They may taste like a Newport. But they also feel less stronger than a normal FSC Newport.

Maybe heating up FSC cigs to make em taste like non-FSCs also lowers their tar/nic levels. (Maybe the heat "kills" the nicotine in em?)

The FSC Newports don't bother me anyway. They taste just like the non-FSC Newports of the past. And as Michael C said once, Newports are the FSCs that come the closest to tasting like an actual cig. Except he still loved his Reds more.  Michael C is s smoker who used to be a regular poster on the smoking fetish boards.

I keep my cartons in the freezer to keep em fresh for a long time. Maybe freezing em neutralizes the chemicals as well.