Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Felmina: A site for anyone intersted in making money in the long-term instead of fast

I added the off-topic banner for anyone interested in trying to make money online.  I notice when people try to make money online, they look for the "Get rich quick" programs.But those programs don't last very long.  And most of em are also scams.  After all, 200 percent in 2-5 days? Yeah right!

Felmina is a long-term program where you can "get rich" over time instead of getting rich quick.  You can also choose how much you want compounded on every business day.  Having basic compounding set at less than 100% allows you to take money out every business day.

The enhanced compounding allows you to make more after 180 business days (7-8 months).  Except you can't cancel this option once you choose it.  You gotta wait til the enhanced term you chose to end before requesting ANY withdrawals.  So (for example) if you chose the 90-business day enhanced compounding term, you can't cancel it til the 90-business day term is over. 

Nor can you make any withdrawals of any kind during the 90-business day time frame.  If you wanna make interest withdrawals daily, the basic compounding AND having the compounding rate at less than 100 percent is your best option.

A business day is Monday through Friday, except holidays and (of course) weekends.

The Felmina Alliance Banner is on top of this page, and a direct link is right here.

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